My Story

In my 20’s I started traveling quite a bit. To remember my trips I bought a point and shoot camera to make photos of the cool places I visited and people I met. When I found myself living in south Mexico I was in awe of the beauty and culture there. So I began to read about photography to learn how to take better photos. After four years there I return back home to Texas.

I continued to make photos every chance I had, mainly of nature and landscapes, and shared them on social media like Facebook and Flickr. People around me noticed my photography skills and started hiring me to be their photographer. This was when I first began to think of photography as a service. I bought my first DLSR on Ebay which was a Nikon D100, an outdated professional DSLR I able to afford at the time. As the years went by I gradually upgraded my camera equipment.

A few years later, while photographing a wedding in Dallas a lady named Elena Hernandez, who was a guest there, told me she was also a professional photographer and invited me to a Professional Photographers of America (PPA) gathering to hear a high-end wedding photographer speak. I took up her invitation and attended it. This is the moment that completely changed my photography career.

The speaker was Hiram Trillo, after his talk I went up to him, along with many other photographers and introduced myself. Later that week I messaged him on Facebook asking if I could be his second shooter some time. He seemed to just brush me off. Then a week later he messaged me back and invited me to shoot with him at one of his weddings. That transformed into a full on three year mentorship that brought me all over the US shooting weddings with him, from New York City to Indianapolis and all over Texas. It was during those years I learned what it truly took to be a great wedding photographer and how to always push yourself. Since he and many of my friends at the time where also Canon shooters, I switched to the Canon system which I now absolutely love shooting with.

I’ve had my own photography business now for about 7 years and it continues to grow and flourish. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and see some amazing places I would have never known existed. I specialize in capturing candid and authentic moments. I rarely pose, except for portraits, and focus on the emotion, colors, and atmosphere of the wedding. I love knowing that my art is capturing some of the most special memories in people’s lives to enjoy for many generations.

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