Sutherland Estate Wedding, A Yarra Valley Winery in Melbourne, Australia

As an international wedding photographer I traveled to Melbourne, Australia and photographed Kim & Steve’s brilliant wedding at the Sutherland Estate, a Yarra Valley winery.

Kimberly went to Hawaii with her mom to get away from life in Texas for a little while. Steve also went there, but from Australia, with the same thing in mind as Kimberly. Little did Kim know that she was going to encounter the man of her dreams on an island faraway from home and end up having to hire an international wedding photographer.

After a year and half of flying back and forth around the world, Steve proposed to Kim and asked her to stay with him in Australia. Kim spent months and months preparing for her huge move all the while trying to plan a wedding in country about 9,000 miles away.

After months of interviewing and researching they settled on shooting their wedding at the beautiful Sutherland Estate in the Yarra Valley located a little ways outside of Melbourne.

It turned out to be a perfect day to hold their wedding. The gorgeous winery and vineyards provided for an incredible backdrop to their special day. I was so honored that they chose me to be their wedding photographer in such an amazing place.

Since the wedding was in Australian Summer time grapes were not in season yet, but after some searching around the vineyard I was so lucky to find to sweet cluster of baby grapes to place their rings on.

Here is time lapse video I made with all the photos I took at their wedding:

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